July 7-31

• 6 game minimum league play/group stage (with a Championship contest for top two teams in each age category – 1st place trophy per age bracket)

• U8 and U10 teams (based on Spring season ages) – Boys and Girls – will battle it out to be top teams in their age bracket (round robin), fighting for a place in the Championship game!

• All games will be played on Mondays, Wednesdays and/or Fridays on small-sided U8 sized fields.  2-3 games per week.  No practices necessary.

• Cost $20 per player or $150 per team of 8 (max team size). 


Players can register as a TEAM (there will be a section on the registration to list your team members – should be reserved for the coach or captain – please don’t just randomly list 8 people you wish to play with without consulting them first) or as INDIVIDUALS and be assigned to a ‘house’ team that we’ll make up once all registrations are complete.

PLEASE MAKE NOTE: The payment structure is set up to allow TEAM registration ($150) for up to 8 players and INDIVIDUAL PLAYER ($20) registration – but ALL players will need to register individually even if they’re registering as part of a team. See below for instructions – read carefiully.

As a TEAM: – If your coach (or team captain) has registered the team and paid the $150, each player for that team will then need to register individually but choose the mail-in payment option, in order to avoid paying twice. See instructions below.

As an INDIVIDUAL: – If signing up individually to be placed on a ‘house’ team, you will need to pay the $20 upon registration.

Registration instructions for players who are part of a paid team – progress through the registration as an individual but when you come to the payment section, choose the individual ($20) payment plan (on left),

then click on CHECKOUT,

and when on final payment section, be sure to choose Check/MO from the drop down options. Then just be sure to pay your coach your $20.